Kangarilla Primary School

Welcome to Kangarilla Primary School

We would like to welcome you and your family to the Kangarilla Primary School Community.

Kangarilla is a small community school located centrally between Clarendon, Meadows and McLaren Flat. Consisting of 3 classes we offer a friendly, individual and caring approach to learning.

We are situated next to a flowing creek, with paddocks and cows located at the back of the luscious green oval. In this stunning and relaxing setting our students utilize the natural environment to complement their studies. We use the paddocks for cross country training, the creek is a great source for studying invertebrates and creek life, and our vegetable garden and chicken produce are used in our healthy cooking lessons. We also have excellent School Services Officers who aid our students in specialist programs such as vision support, 1 to 1 help and small group learning. We are also fortunate to be able to offer the services of a fantastic Pastoral Care Worker.

Our students are lucky to have specialist teachers in Cultural Studies, P.E. Health, and Music and class teachers use the content of the Australian Curriculum to develop interesting and hands on programs.

Kangarilla offers a wide range of musical experiences to all students. Classes have music lessons weekly and students are able to participate in choir and band and those interested can take advantage of individual lessons in piano, singing, guitar and drums.

Our students have easy classroom access to desk top computers, laptops, IPads and interactive whiteboards. Our technology program is expanding to include coding of ProBots and BeeBots.

Sport is a vital part of our school curriculum. Our students compete in a variety of SAPSASA events including football, netball, table tennis, mountain bike riding, cricket and rugby as well as District Day (Athletics), Cross Country and Swimming. Our students are always complimented on their sportsmanship and behaviour at these events.

Kangarilla is very fortunate to have an exceptional Arts Program. It is the National Winner of the Picasso Cow Competition, competing against schools from all around Australia. Hanging in the Temperance Hall is an outstanding History Banner designed by students from Reception to Year 7 and donated to the Progress Committee. It will become a piece of history itself. Each year our Year 7 students add to the history of the school by designing and painting a mural reflecting their vision of the school.

Kangarilla Primary is pleased to be able to offer high quality before and afterschool care as well as an exciting vacation care program. Kangarilla students play an active role in community events. For many years students have represented our school at the ANZAC Day Services and have played major roles in the service.

Students from Kangarilla Primary are actively encouraged to take on leadership positions, take a stand against bullying (Focus against Bullying Course) and they play a key role in organizing discos, movie nights, whole school breakfasts and celebrations.

I would be pleased to show any prospective parents and students around our school so you can observe the wide range of hands-on learning activities our students enjoy. We offer an extensive transition program for Kindergarten to School (1 day per week for 4th term).

I am a proud advocate of our school and community and believe all students would benefit from this small school experience.

Donna Lean,