Kangarilla Primary School

Uniform Design

We believe that:


  • The principal, staff and parents have a responsibility to enforce the Dress Code.
  • The Principal is responsible for following up with parents if students do not wear the appropriate uniform items or comply with the uniform policy.
  • Governing Council requires students to comply with the Dress Code. If a child is unable to meet the requirements parents are asked to make a written request to the principal for exemption. Such requests will be given careful consideration.

    The uniform consists of:

    Tops (all to have school logo)
    • Navy/sky polo top
      • White or navy skivvies may be worn under polo tops.
    • Navy fleecy hooded windcheater/jacket
    • Navy polar fleece ½ zip windcheater
    • Navy/sky sports jacket
    • The generic SAPSASA jumpers (navy with a red/yellow trim) may be worn for a period of two weeks following a student’s participation in a SAPSASA event.
    Pants/Shorts (No visible commercial logos)
    • Navy shorts/bike shorts or long pants
      • No denim
    • Navy shorts
    Skirts/Dresses (No visible commercial logos)
    • Navy skirt (to be worn no shorter than mid-thigh)
    • Navy/white checked summer dress
      • Navy bike shorts to be worn underneath skirt and dress
      • Navy tights may be worn underneath skirt and dress in winter

    Students are required to wear only plain navy full brim hats between 1st September and 31st May (Spring, summer and autumn). Children not complying with this requirement will be limited to play in shaded areas during recess and lunch.

    Plain navy/sky beanie may be worn during recess and lunch in winter months.


    School shoes, school boots (no steel toe-caps), school sandals, or track/sandshoes in predominantly black, brown, navy or white only.

    Thongs, slip-on, party or heeled shoes are both unsafe and unacceptable and must not be worn to school.

    Footwear should be in good condition, laced or fastened correctly to allow students to participate safely in all school activities.

    As sandals may be impractical for PE, consideration should be given to packing an alternative pair of track/sandshoes for PE lessons.


    For health (e.g. head lice) and safety reasons, all long hair must be secured off the face and fully tied and clipped at all times.

    Hair fashions must be appropriate in either navy/sky or black/white colours.

    Cosmetics and Jewellery

    Make-up, nail polish and false nails are not part of the school uniform. Nail polish is allowed for special events such as sports and casual days.

    Acceptable jewellery includes wristwatches, necklaces worn under clothing and small sleepers or studs.


    At most times a supply of uniforms is available from the front office. Order forms for new items are sent home toward the end of each term. Payment must accompany orders. All tops must be ordered through the school and will be screen printed with the school logo. Parents are welcome to purchase other Dress Code items from any source outside the school. Please ensure all items of clothing are CLEARLY LABELLED with your child’s name.

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